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I and my sources do not promise or guarantee about the correctness, complete and up-to-date legal provisions. We do not offer a warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied regarding my suggestions. We further claim no responsibility for, and make no representations or warranties about our Consultancy/suggestions. The information being supplied here does not mean in any manner a relationship or an attempt or effort to make relationship of lawyer-client.

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In short, I help you to connect with experienced and qualified advocates directly. Through this site, you can seek free consultancy about any case or legal proposition and the important is all queries will remain easy and confidential in addition to free. We also invite the suggestions of Viewers and Readers to make this site more convenient.

For paid legal assistance, the website www.legalawyer.com can be visited. The name of legalawer has been given here due to contract between www.legalawyer.com me and said website as it is helping us a lot at free of cost.

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